The holocaust hoax

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The truth does not need protection!


Jews speak the truth about the "concentration camps" in Germany
A list of but a few of the zionist jew victims who spoke the truth in exposing the holocaust hoax
Below are also some zionist jew tampered images they have been propogating to convince people to hate the Germans

The total number of jews dead in all the camps combined during WWII, just over 271,000. Red Cross document below.
This was mostly due to the "allies" destroying the food supply chains and people dying due to typhus lice. The reason everyone had to have their hair shaved off, among other things.
The "ovens" used to kill the typhus lice on clothes.

Some of the fake zionist jew manipulated photos







Brainwashing the public with their hollywood movies - images below.

Then there is "Indiana Jones" and the one X-men movie and so many more, that keep pushing the 6 million jew holocaust lie.
Now the most evil of beings have a foothold, called "anti-semitism", which has made them untouchable, by portraying themselves as poor innocent jews who have been trampled on etc.
In the meantime, what we know today as the zionist jews, have been bleeding us dry. Orchestrating all wars and much more.
Exchanging our labour for worthless fiat "money", created from thin air, while in secret, continuing the satanic rituals in which they torture and sacrifice humans, especially children, (estimated at 9 million per year).
Adrenochrome harvesting is to drain the adrenochrome blood from children up to 12 years old, after which they are killed in tituals and/or used for organ harvesting. They torture these children to the point where their blood if filled with adrenalin, which they then drink as a elixir, to make them youthful etc. This apprantly includes skinning babies alive.
The longer a child can be kept alive, the higher the value of the blood, according to those who have lived through such horrors, and have been within the cult.
As hard as that is to believe.
The adrenochrome does work. zionist jew owned and run hollywood is filled with it, and they are not shy to admit it.

One can question religion and everything else, but don't question the holocaust.
Since when does truth need protection???

It is time for the reign of the satanic cult, to end.

These movies below were made to brainwash us into believing the Germans are monsters.
Exactly what they also did with Idi Amin of Uganda and so many others who did not join in with them, and also printed their own money, like Sadam Hussein and Gadafi.

93 year old lady jailed by the hateful zionist jews (as we know them today), for denying the fake holocaust.
Ursula Haverbeck speaking about the holocaust
Another interview with Ursula Haverbeck
Watch "Europa, the last battle". 10 parts, 12.5 hours in total. The truth will set you free.
I strongly suggest for those who have not watched "Monopoly, who owns the world" to watch that first, before doing any further research.
Brainwashing of Germans after the fake holocaust and the zionist jew hate campaign against the German people.
Think about the $400 billion that Germany has had to pay to the zionist jews for a fake holocaust.
Any jew could claim who felt they had been affected by the holocaust hoax.

4.1 million jews, that never actually died, were designated to Auchwitz, being the largest camp, to make up their their very well adverstised 6 million number.
It has however been established in court, officially, that this is mathematially not possible, so the amount was lowered to no more 1.1 million. It would have taken takensomething in the line of 25 years to accomplish. This already takes the number to no more than 3 million in total.
Yet, they are still blabbering on about 6 million. And many of the sleeping folk are still buying it.
Since the zionist jews own all of mainstream media and hollywood, it is not that hard to do. Constant repetition and subliminal messaging is evidently a powerful brainwashing mechanism. And that was before smartphones, social media, google and so-called "fact" checker websites.
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