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2 Timothy 3:7 KJV
Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth
1 - Recommended documentaries and videos to see, to begin with.
These are also to be found in the categories below.
2 - Health related pages
This includes groups:
-Cancer, the forbidden cures
-DMSO, MMS, Borax - Miracle cures
and more
3 - Europa, the last battle
See who orchestrate all wars, learn the truth about WWII, and the holocaust
4 - Tartaria, old world, giants and giant trees
Discover the old and hidden world, and history erased
5 - Real countries
What is actually happening in countries, as apposed to what is propogated on TV and the rest of mainstream media.

6 - zionism and tyranny on the human race
What we know today and the "zionist jew central bankers" and how they have manipulated us over time and what they are still doing to us.
This inlcude topics like:
-deceit of a vast scale that most cannot fathom
-the war on momen, the white race and on cash
-SRA (satanic ritual abuse of children) human trafficking etc.
-The spinning space ball hoax
-Keeping people poor
-The real royals
-TV, Brainwashing, Subliminal messaging, Hollywood
-Feminism, transegendarism and abortion
-adrenochrome harvesting
-Titanic, the great deception
and more

7 - Global warming and famine
To get an understanding of the so-called global warming concept, first called a mini ice age, changed to global warming and now called climate change, with a dash of CO2 thrown in.
Famine has been in the process of being created over decades, like over-fishing, the destruction of forests, corporate export of pollution to China etc.
This includes topics like:
-Weather manipulation and "global" warming
-Artificial famine creation
-Deliberate forest fires across the whole part of the earth earth we occupy
-The war in CO2 (CO2 being the life force of all plant life)
and more
8 - Pandemics and medical tyranny
The takover of the medical industry, as well the entire education system.
This includes topics like:
-Microwave radiation poisoning
-Processed foods, cosmetics and other toxins
-Pharmaceutical drugs
-Rockefeller medicine
-Germ theory, the truth about "viruses" and "pandemics"
and more
9 - Law vs the legal system
Legislation (legal system) vs God's law (natural law/common law). Legislation is based on the "strawman" or "legal fiction" identity. The name in the passport and driver's license. Always in capitals and in black. See what it really means and what is actually represents.
This includes topics like:
-Strawman, common law and taxes
-Banking fraud, mortgage fraud, the creation of worthless FIAT money from thin air by the zionist jew centrla banks, like the 'bank of england' and the 'federal reserve' in the US, lent to our countries at hight interest. So, before we even have the worthless money, we are already in endless debt.
-Traffic tickets
-The living man/woman vs the legal system
-The illusion of debt
and more
10 - The constructive way forward
11 - Monopoly, who owns the world (Documentary)
12 - The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg (Book)
13 - Trans Formation of America, by Cathy O'Brien (Book)
14 - March of the Titans, by Arthur Kemp (Book)
The true history of the white race
15 - Science (with a sense of humour)
A prologue and summary for those who wish to read it.
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