Trance Formation of America (Book)

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A book written by Cathy O'Brien
As always, please watch "Monopoly, who owns the world" first. This lays the foundational information needed to move forward.
Discover the hidden world of the 'zionist jews', as we know them today.

The world of brainwashing of children. The creation of multiple personalities by means of extensive trauma through torture, electric shock, rape, sodomy and much more.
This zionist project, known as MK-Ultra, done by the actual military, what people perceive to be part of our 'government'. What people do not realise is that free governments have not exsited for a long time.
We only have a perception of a government structure, due to the overwhelming brainwashing via movies, TV and all the other forms of mainstream media, all zionist owned and run, like hollywood.
Making us believe that they are actually working for a better world for us and the things they do being for our benifit, when l this is quite the contrary.

Note that prior to WWII, one could buy children in Berlin. There was a transegender clinic in Berlin, which has recently been re-introduced by the zionists on a large scale, along with the legalisation of pedophilia and grooming of toddlers, by drag queen homosexual men.
Prostitution, sodomy, homosexuality and all the other forms of perversion was running high. Perverts and the sick and twisted went from all over the world to satisfy their distorted tastes in Berlin.

This was before Hilter came into power and made 2 laws. No more perversion, prostitution, porn and no more usury (interest charged on money). This was the end for the zionist jews and they moved to the US, to start all over again, like they have done so many times.

For those who don't know, there is an age old war between good and evil that has been raging mostly between the white Aryan race and these ceatures we know today as the zionist jews.
What is happening in the white western countries today is revenge, for keeping the zionists from victory and banning them from our countries. This has occurred many times. Officially banned over 115 times in the last thousand years.

The reason for mentioning this is to show people that the zionist jews (as we know today) have been doing the same thing over and over and over, hence the illusion of history repeating itself.

The main cause of evil creeping back in, is ultimately the absence of God, our creator. Ever wondered by blasphemy if only focussed on God and Jesus Christ, especially in the movies and TV series?
To the point where it has not only become socially acceptable among the the atheists today, but those warning against it being seen as being old fashioned and strange.
The brainswashing runs deeper than any sane, normal human being can imagine.

So, back to the book.
When they learnt that little Cathy O'brien had been molested by her father, the "US military" was made aware of this. They appraoched him and did not stop the abuse, but informed him on exactly how to abuse her, and they told him of 3 movies to show her, which they would later use in the brainswashing process. Mostly as key words in order to activate the required personality, like the sex kitten, in order for her to turn into the sexual servant, and to endure any abuse.
The main perpetrators in young Cathy's life were those high up in the "US government", like dick cheney, gerald ford, george bush, bill and hillary clinton, ronald reagen and many more.
I cannot be bothered to put the names of these creatures in capital letters, as that would imply that they are our equal, and human beings.

At the age of six, Cathy was sold the "military" for $1 million. Her parents had more children, whom they abused and groomed for the same purpose.

An ex CIA operative managed to get her out as a young adult and they fled to Alaska where they lived for many years, before taking the so-called "US military" (a private corporation), to court.

During Cathy's unimaginable experience at the hands of these monsters, after many abortions, she was finally made pregnant by a chosen cadidate. Her newborn daugther, who was tortured and traumatised since she was a baby, was taken from her, and she was not allowed to get her out from a mental hospital, as the zionist owned courts simply classified it as "national security".
That is the audacity and the power these zionists have given themselves over us, by means the legal fiction identity (name in our passports) and legislation, which only applies to the commonly known 'strawman' identity. Mostly by means of the holocaust hoax and anti-semitism.
For those who have not fallen for the zionist narratives, God forbids his people to be ruled over by pagans.
The Israelites, as per the Bible is the white Aryan race. Not the jews living in Israel today, as we have been "educated" to believe. Jerusalem was a white Aryan city with many mosaic masterpieces showing this. This goes back a couple of thousand of years.

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