The lien machine

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Intro to the lien machine
Commercial Lien procedure


You now have at your disposal a lawful and powerful tool if ever you should need it. The great thing about commercial liens is it requires no judge nor lawyer for it to be ratified following the process explained below.

For far too long "authorities" have run roughshod over our rights and property and they usually win because our lack of knowledge concerning the laws of the land. It cannot be stressed enough that if you remain ignorant of these laws, your rights and how to use them the consequences will always be against you. I like to think of these "commercial instruments" as protection against those who would do us harm in any form. While many believe, (as an example) the police are there to uphold the law of the land and/or to serve and protect, the reality is they are nothing more than "collectors" in commerce.

That should tell you a very important point...

Unless we start using the same commercial tools (instruments) and gain an over-standing of them we place ourselves at a disadvantage.

What we cover in this short but powerful EBook forms the basis of many more "instruments" we can use to gain back our advantage. Although I am only covering a personal type of commercial lien the principle remains the same for all types of lien.

You can place a lien on anyone or anything if you have the evidence to back it up, that should give you enough of a hint at the possibilities we will be covering here. But as always it is prudent to walk before we can run which is why we are sticking with personal liens at this time since in many cases as the use of creating a lien becomes familiar to you as does the complexity of other ways in which it can be used.

I am happy for you at this point because the fact you have taken the step toinvest in your education, in your ongoing journey towards true independence means you are serious about freeing yourself from the chains of taxation and commerce designed to keep us in the dark and ignorant of the crimes committed against us all. It is about time you actually did something about the wrongs and I hope you will see this as part of your overall journey towards what can only be described as the biggest con in modern history. The bankers really do own the world and the system of currency that has no basis in reality and yet we find ourselves slaves to it with supposedly no way out.

They will lie, cheat, steal and try to block you at every turn and it is up to each individual to pick the locks that bind us by knowing how the game of life is played. By doing so we can remove those chains with a quiet confidence, with an assured mind that we will stand firm in our knowledge and create an airtight case against those who have wronged us for so long.

The more you over-stand, the greater your confidence will be and once you have gone through even a small win, the mental boost, the potential of your own capabilities will grow exponentially. This is not simply about how to do something, this is about you growing and flourishing and becoming the living, breathing being the creator meant you to be.

It is time to stand tall, stand your ground and gain the foothold in your future which will take you further than you think...

Most of us have been hypnotized into believing that the meaningless scribbles of "legislators," "Presidents," etc., constitute "the law." After reading this, one thing should be absolutely clear to you. The law iswhatever you give your consent to. This insight frees you from being a "victim" and a "subject," and restores you to your rightful position of power and sovereignty. (Always remember, though, that Territorial Gangsters [TG’s] have all sorts of ways to obtain your "consent"! Standing up for your rights always involves risk.)
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