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A bit of Health advice before reading the summary. Some health principals everyone should know.

-First and foremost, get your body's pH level above 7. The ideal is 7.45, but anywhere in-between 7 and 9 is fine, as this will constantly fluctuate. Disease thrives in acidity. Cellulite can also not be burnt in a low acidity environment.

-Make sure you get enough sun, without sunblock. Sunblock causes cancer, not the sun.

-Ground as much as possible, as in feet or body on the ground/lawn/water. At least half an hour per day. It releases inflammation that builds up in the body.

-Avoid products made of wheat, and cut out as much processed food as possible, like cooking oils, flour, sugar and the chemicals within. Avoid all fried foods. Try and avoid foods making us acidic, like coffee, fast food, alcohol, any fried foods, sodas, sugar etc. One can add a pinch of baking soda to coffee to make it less acidic.
If God/nature did not make it, don't take it.

-Avoid dairy. A calf drinks milk. Cows do not drink milk. They eat food.
Along with:
hybradised wheat,
peanuts and
refined sugar, astma can be the result. Avoiding these can then also eradicate astma.

-Distill your water or at least filter with a very good filtering system.

-Beware of microwave and electricity radiation in and around your home, and how much we are affected by it, especially the young ones. Remember this phrase: "Symptoms is the body detoxing from toxins".
The body will detox from regular radiation poisoning, but severe radiation can lead to cancer and various other ailments that basically did not exist before electricity was introduced and the glorious industrial revolution. This of course resulted in Telegraph in, radar, cellphone towers, WIFI, bluetooth etc.
Each of these "breakthroughs" led to some kind of "pandemic", as it was propogated to be, and of course jabs administered to fight of the very illusive "virus".

-Take things like Iodine (rub in on skin), Castor oil (absorb through skin, eyes etc), Spirulina, Chlorella, Fulvic minerals, MMS, DMSO, MCT C60 oil, Boron/Borax, Activated charcoal, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon juice, magnesium Zinc, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Black seed oil, Black Walnut oil, Wormwood oil and similar.

-Fast every now and again and eat only one or two meals per day to give the body and organs time heal and to rid itself of toxins, excess proteins etc.
The meals a day and 3 course meals is not healthy at all.
Important to take anti-oxidants as per some of the above, to bind with the toxins, released from the body fat during a fast. Otherwise it only ends up in the bloodstream and will be toxic for the body.

-Eat enough animal fat. When eating meat, try to avoid carbs. Eat meat with vegetables and vegetables with carbs.
Cholesterol is yet another form of deceit. It is in fact a safety mechanism within the body. The ambulance. Try to avoid anything made from grains. The little fibres get stuck and cause inflammation within our veins. Cholesterol covers this to prevent irritation, hence choleterol build-up.

-Avoid all fried foods, unless you cook it yourself with animal fat. Avoid processed vegetable oils and seed oils, especially when heated. Use someting like cold pressed extra virgin oil, but try to keep it unheated.
Avoid margarine. Avoid any and all processed "foodstuffs" you can find in the supermarket. It is not food. Buy organic from health shops and private farmshops.

Now, for the summary.

Imagine a world where a small parasitic group of zionist jew central bankers, as we know them today, have been running shadow governments, alongside what people perceive to be governments today, that are supposed to serve and protect the people. Imagine these zionists being very hateful and wishing only harm and misery upon the goyim (non jews), and those who will not submit to them, and/or blackmailed, and join them.
Zionism being referred to as a culmination of the so-called elites who see themselves as the master race.

Now imagine that these shadow governments, commonly referred to as the "cabal", have infiltrated any and all organisations that have any kind of power and/or influence over the population of each country. Like churches, medical/health organisations, the police, the legal system through to the courts and legal firms, supermarkets, giant food -, water - and energy corporations, all of mainstream media, (including book publishers, the movie and music industry), software and tech giants, giant construction companies, all major transport, shipping and manufacturing, like China.

Imagine pollution not being caused by us. Imagine the zionists causing the pollution, the cutting down of forests, orchestrating forest fires, flooding, earthquakes, over fishing in the sea, dumping chemicals in the sea and so on, in order to help create a false flag global warming emergency and famine. Imagine this creation of famine being started a very long time ago in order to blame us for it and by so doing, take complete control of all natural resources (Look up the Club of Rome, wo were instructed to set up the "global warming" scenario).
Also look up HAARP and chemtrails. Chemtrails you can see in the sky, pratically on a daily basis, and only in NATO countries.

Imagine the mainstream media, including Hollywood itself, being established with the sole purpose of using the media to ensure that the people on earth, especially those in first-world countries who have grown used to the comforts and conveniences offered, and who tend to spend a lot of time in front of the television and on the internet, are the most indoctrinated, brainwashed and susceptible. Susceptible to fall for whatever narrative the "cabal" decide to push on society, like taxation, pharmaceuticals, the holocaust hoax, the global warming hoax, and a fake germ theory (viruses and pandemics), usually under the guise of "science".

Imagine the medical industry being completely controlled and all natural methods of healing being undermined. In many instances even made illegal by private corporations like the FDA, CDC and WHO, to the point where they have put people in jail for healing cancer with herbal teas. Also private corporations like the UN, FBI, CIA, NSA, Interpol, NASA, DOD, DHS, DEA, DOE, NIH, MI5,MI6, FEMA, BATF, ICE, CSIS, HHS, EPA, FAA, UNICEF, Federal Reserve, Bank of England (and other central banks) and any of these “organisations", claiming to make decisions supposedly for the benefit of mankind, all the way down to your local police, schools, universities and "healthcare" systems.
These are all of zionist jew offspring, the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Bildebergs, George Soros types, royals, some other precarious families etc., but ultimately the same zionist jew central bankers.
Imagine these private corporations mentioned, and many more, to be an internationally interwoven network. Much like the "international jew", mentioned many times by Hitler. Imagine the same zionist jews owning over 80% of all the wealth in the world, being less than 0.05% of the entire world population, and who then propagate the white population to be white supremacists. The whites supposedly being the cause of all that is wrong on earth. When it is they who are orchesterating it all and blaming it on the victims. Their oldest trick. A good example being the "holocaust".
All being part of their tactics of course, but unfortunately many still falling for it. Imagine another tactic, them calling themselves philanthropists, when funding feminism or women's liberation for example, only to have women work full-time, in order to tax both parents, and getting hold of the children at a young age, when they are most susceptible to indoctrination in the militarised zonist jew controlled school system.

Ever wondered only the white countries are being forced to take in so-called refugees and be multi-cultural, and why it is only the zionist jews who are orchestrating and pushing this, while refusing to do so themselves?

When less than 0.05% of the world population own all the wealth and resources in the world, raiding the pension funds while many cannot pay the electricity bill to heat their homes, let alone have food to eat, is not supremacy, then I don't know what is.
Why is it called white supremacy and not ZIONIST JEW SUPREMACY?
Being responsible for all wars, mayhem and misery. Should they not be considered the common enemy of all of mankind and God's creations?

Imagine these private corporations mentioned above merely being zionist extensions that are also used for human/child trafficking, adrenochrome harvesting, drug and weapons distribution, war mongering, propaganda and much more.
Imagine the Catholic church, Jesuits, Khasaars, Phoenicians and many other societies having formed a gathering of completely evil lunatics, aimed at ridding our known part of earth of all goyim (non jews) and be king of the ashes, so to speak, but ultimately attempting to eradicate all of Gods creations.
Imagine them becoming so powerful that they can enforce their will upon society at their whim, by using mainstream media brainwashing and of course their main weapon, the compliance of the majority. The majority being the folk who are in a trance of ignorance, driven by fear, laziness and severe brainwashing.
There are over 9.3 million acts, statues and mandates in the UK alone, with which they are enslaving us and pinning us down. The majority of people being oblivious to the fact that we are in fact enslaved into a fraudulent system, from birth. Are you aware that the name in your passport and drivers license is in fact not you, the living man/woman?

Imagine the people whom you trust with your health, your money and the legal aspects of your life, merely being servants of the cabal. Many unknowingly, but nonetheless serving the narrative of their zionist jew masters.
Now imagine a plan formulated a very long time ago, possibly hundreds of years ago, or millennia, built on hatred for the rest of humanity (goyim), but specifically aimed at the white race. This of course includes the injection of living men and women with toxins.
Detoxing from radiation poisoning, due to electricity and the inescapable microwave radiation poisoning, all propogated as influenza and similar symptoms. These identical symptoms, bizarrely appearing across continents at the same time, even before ships back then had reached those other continents and islands.
Is it becoming apparent that viruses do not exist? Have we merely been indoctrinated over decades, mainly through movies, television and other mainstream media sources, to have us believe there is such a thing as a influenza virus, or any virus for that matter. As of now we are still waiting in great anticipation for a live virus, any live virus that is, to be isolated in a laboratory, cultured and injected into a healthy indivual (s), to then result in the same symptoms.
There is a prize of one million Euros for this, by the way. Still unclaimed.

Imagine that when we experience symptoms, our incredible immune systems are merely detoxing from toxins, hence symptoms such as a fever, phlegm in the lungs, a runny nose, an aching body and feeling cold. The body detoxes best when the body is warm, therefore a fever should not be frowned upon. Imagine a fever being the body's way of warming the body in order for the detox process to complete successfully.
Imagine a pack of animals drinking from the same toxic water hole. One or more animals begin to detox to rid themselves of the toxins. They then resonate the detox mode onto the rest of the pack, and soon all those affected experience very similar or identical symptoms. The detox mode runs its course and everything returns to normal after about 2 weeks. Sound familiar?
Imagine transferring these symptoms from one person to another not being impossible, even by injecting the blood from one into the other.
But how could we resonate a detox mode? Maybe the same way women resonate and synchronise their menstrual cycles when living in close proximity of one another. This being common knowledge among women.
Imagine there being 13 months in a year and each month having 28 days. Would the zionists have changed this, amongst many other things, to throw us off track?

Can we expect our bodies to simply keep ticking along when we are consuming all manner of toxins, especially through processed foodstuffs like fast food, coffee and liquids like sodas that also makes the body acisic, produced by the giant zionist jew food companies. Not to mention cigarettes, alcohol and pharmaceutical products (mostly derived from petroleum by-products, and needless to say, are carcinogenic), fluoride and other toxins in water, shampoo, soap, washing detergent, make-up, face creams and much more. Things like chemtrails, consisting of heavy metals and other toxic nano particles being sprayed in the air, forming unnatural clouds and poisoning everything below. Toxic fluoride, as mentioned, deliberately dumped in our drinking water supplies and sold in water as FLUORIDATED SPRING WATER. Also asbestos water pipes.
Especially during the winter months, when we get less sun (vit D), eat more junk food, get less exercise, less grounding, the toxin build-up increases.
Imagine that when the body becomes overwhelmed and our organs cannot cope with the toxins. Will organ failure and various ailments set in? Could that be why the body is forced into detox mode, mostly in winter?

Could ailments that used to be unheard of 150 years ago, like autism, cancer, diabetes, asthma, depression, heart failure amongst fit and healthy young athletes, allergies, blood clotting and more have anything to do with changes that have occurred in the last 150 years, like toxins being injected into the bloodstream?
It is a coincidence that all major "pandemics" have occurred in direct correlation with the introduction of alternating current, telegraph wires, radar, broadcasting towers etc?
Ask yourself this question, which most probably don't know, because the TV has not said so, why is there no autism amongst the Amish, nor most other common alients? And can the fact that they are never injected with the so-called "vaccines", have anything to do with it :).

Will those who are sceptical read "The Invisible Rainbow" written by Arthur Firstenberg? Could this change your outlook on your everyday life, and that of your children?

Imagine war being something that has been forced upon us by the zionist jews. We being conditioned to except it as part of life, but it in fact being a disease that the bloodthirsty zionist parasites have always been orchestrating.
Imagine a small minority, who control all the wealth of the world, lending money to both sides of war after funding the propaganda to start the wars in the first place.
Imagine them not only orchestrating and funding the war, but also blaming the victims whom they have orchestrated the wars/crimes against, for the very crimes and atrocities they themselves had orchestrated.
Now imagine that during and after these wars and atrocities, more acts, statues and emergency mandates are applied, to keep us "safe". Imagine this mostly being done through a shadow government, already in place in our so-called "governments", as well as Israeli lobbying in Washington.
The cold war, the world wars and 9-11 being but a few examples.
Imagine them enriching themselves "beyond imagination", as quoted from a zionist jew. Like the $1 trillion stolen from the stock market of which the evidence was supposedly destroyed in the Pentagon at the very spot where the supposed "plane" hit, which was actually a missile. Imagine the stock market being another piggy bank setup of the zionists. The rothschilds alone estimated to be worth over $500 trillion. Imagine 13 families, some of which apparently more powerful than the rothschilds. Imagine rothschilds rumoured to be in control of the royals and have breeding rights over them, as bizarre as that may sound. As it is apparently all about the bloodlines, not so dissimilar than what we see in the vampire movies, like Harry Potter, Underworld etc.

Imagine those under the illusion that we are free and realising we are in fact caught up in the largest slavery system ever seen in our era. Not including the human slave trade, again controlled by the same zionist jews.
Have you ever wondered why your surname/last name is always in capitals and in black? Could it mean that we are registered as cattle/slaves from birth and the name in the passport being a dead fictional creation that only exists on paper, so they can gain jurisdiction over us?
When we are born and our parents register us to the respective private corporations (governments), are the birth certificates in fact certificates of ownership?

After the great fire of London in 1666 (notice the three 6s), did the zionist jews change the system? Were all of the public who did not notify them that they were still alive assumed dead and lost at sea? It the same system still in place today? Did they need to find a way to gain jurisdiction over us? Did a corporation not having jurisdiction over a living man or woman cause some inconvenience. Did they therefore register our "strawman" identities as corporations, as we are assumed dead? Is this why we need representation in court, as the dead leagl fictions, summoned to court, cannot represent themselves?

Hopefully some of you out there, who are not already awake as to the real world, will have the courage to wake up to reality!

Open your minds to the truth and open your hearts to God. Should you have any interest in surviving what the zionist jews have in stock for us.

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