Spinning space ball hoax

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High resolution Gleason 1892 map - PNG
High resolution Gleason 1892 map - PDF
High resolution WWII air map - JPG
Amelia Earheart flight map, below.
Wolrd war II flight map below
High resolution Gleason map 1892
Ask yourself a question, if the sun was 93 million miles away, how is this even remotely possible? See below.
Run a random search for "sun rays and clouds" online.

Start looking up, and use your amazing God given brain and senses.
Any of the smart and intelligent structural or civil engineers out there, who still believe you are living on a spinning space ball.

Please provide some structural engineering supporting the compensation for buildings, bridges etc., not to mention ships, and containers on ships etc., around the equator, in regards to "gravity", as apposed to what you believe to be the north and south pole. Surely with the ball spinning, there has to be a difference, or is the magical "gravity" intelligent enough to just compensate for that by itself?
The best documentary, below, so far compiled of the usual irrefutable evidence that we are not living on a spinning space ball. What the Bible tells us in Genesis is true.
It might even wake up a couple of the sleeping folk :)
Level with me (2023)
Level with me - Link
Level with me - Link1
What one earth happened - A series to watch (1-6)
The good old water level test. If all water is level, then the earth is level. Simple - Simple yet irrefutable water test over 10 miles.
Blackpool from 4 locations - Another simple and irrefutable test
44 "government" documents admitting earth is stationary and level
The satellite song - song
Amber Plaster - Beautiful song about earth being level and stationary - song
Flat earth song - where is the curve - song
Earth not a globe - Amber Plaster - song
Geocentric - Amber Plaster - song
Moana - Amber Plaster - song
No photographs of earth - song
16 emergency landings - PDF
The Nile river explained 1
The Nile river explained 2
Hawai curvature
Mount Taranaki curvature
Another one for the spinning space ball believers.

Explain how, during the night, one can see only darkness all around, including at 180 degrees. Is there not a scorching sun, that is supposed to light up everything other than the dark side of earth. In other words, should there not be light all round the ball, while the sun is on the opposite side of the ball, at all times?
Scientism exposed
Scientism Exposed - Science Falsely So Called - Documentary (2016)
Scientism exposed 2 (In honour of Rob Skiba)
Improbaball - Flat earth documentary (Robbie Davidson)
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