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What is the definition of science today? Believe whatever we (what many perceive to be a government) tell you on the TV set, without question.
How much CO2 is there in the air?

How much do the sleeping folk actually know? Why do they all say the same things, when queried about the truth.
Because there is only so much in the brainwashing bubble they can repeat, which do not include any facts.
No shortage of crisis actors
The little zionist jew puppet London "mayor", is making the war on the white race quite evident

For the sleeping folk who don't know what a magistrate really is, or a judge, for that matter.

What happens when you get bitten by a King Cobra snake?
Does the blood clot?
Man coughs up blood clot from lungs
A common site for morticians these days. Extracting blood clots from corpses before embalming can take place.
Nothing like a bit of comfort food for the sleeping folk

Just a few symptoms from the life saving jabs


RIP Jana Perkins.
She wasn't great at spelling.
We will hunt don the unvaccinated - New Zealand zionist puppet
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