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Why we need to educate ourselves! A few recommendations of what to see.
Knowledge is power

For the folk still living in a slumber, this video might come as a bit of a shock, but this is how we, the people who have woken up from that slumber feel half the time. Food for thought.
It is time to wake up!

-Start with "Monopoly, who owns the world".
-Watch "The Illusion of democracy"
-Watch "Rockefeller medicine".
-Watch "Cancer, the forbidden cures".
-Watch "How Rob Prior cured his cancer"
-Listen to "The History of medicine" by Dr Peter Glidden.
-Watch "A poisoned world parts 1-5"
-Watch "Barbara O'Neill - The liver"
-Watch "Barbara O'Neil - Castor oil and cancer"
-Watch "The science of fasting".
-Read "The invisible rainbow".
-Watch "A good explanation of microwave radiation and what affect it has on us, and how it is being used against us"
-Watch "The Complete Documentary of What is Happening In This World"
-Watch "Architects of order - new order occult - satanism-freemasonry"
For those who believe the name in your passport and drivers license is you, the living man /woman:
Strawman, the nature of the cage
Operation restore republic - A comprehensive explanation of the the setup of the "system". A system that has deceived so many.
-Watch, "Europa, the last battle". Ten part documentary combined into 1 video. 12 hours in total. See the link further down for individual parts.

-For those have the time and some backbone, read "Trance Formation of America", by Cathy O'Brien.

-Watch "ShadowRing (2015) documentary"

-Watch "Monopoly on violence"
And for those who want to get an idea as to what they are doing to an estimated 9 million children per year.
-Watch "Eyes of the devil" (not for the faint hearted)
-Watch "Sacrificed children - On European pedophile rings - part 2"
-Watch "Data dump - adenomchrome harvesting"
-Watch "Human trafficking exposed by the people who lived it"
-Watch "Redemption Through Sin: Sabbatai-Zevi & The Rise of Satanism"
-Watch "Mayorkas Is A Sex Trafficking Kingpin"
-Watch "Child trafficking, adrenochrome and organ harvesting" by hollywood "elites" and the super rich zionist jew cabal
For those who are wondering how some people on earth could be so evil to do these things to others, and to children, with no remorse whatsoever, watch the below link
lucifer and luciferians - by Chuck Swindoll
Why is it so hard to convince people of the truth?
Imagine if we did nothing
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