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First 6 documents to send in. Give them 40 days to rebut this, which they apparently won't.
Feel free to do a course with "" should you need more info in regards to these documents. Be sure to read through it all to try and understand as much of it as you can before sending these in. You will have to know and understand the contents to enable you to use it efficiently.
Affidavit of truth and non corporate status No XX.docx
Hold Harmless - Edit Red.docx
LAWFUL NOTICE AND DEMAND 40 days and 40 nights.docx
Power of Attorney In Fact.docx
Rescind of Signatures.docx
Security Agreement Standard.docx
Wait 40 days for them to rebut, which apparently they won't, then send in the 2nd affidavit
Second Affidavit after 40 days.docx
Below is list of documents with addresses for the recipients. Should you be in a different country, you will need to send these to those who hold the equivalent positions. Instead of the queen, I believe it would the president etc.
List of recipients of England & Wales.docx
List of recipients of Northern Ireland.docx
List of recipients of Scotland.doc
Below is an additional document with some additional information on how to fill it in.
How to fill in Status Correction docs.docx
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Here is a link to a website with the original documents for the Status Correction
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