Microwave radiation damage from things like Wifi, smart meters, 5G towers, Radar, Alternating Current (AC) etc.

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A very important phrase to remember

Symptoms is the body detoxing from toxins

For those have not yet been made aware of what Microwave Radiation is, it is invisible radio waves of certain wavelengths and levels of power that can also pass into and through our bodies, 24/7.

Todays level of radiation is over a million times that of earth's natural radiation level.

The simplist way of explaining this, is to take an EMF meter, like a Trifield 2, and do the tests yourselves. Seeing is believing, as they say.
Start with a normal microwave oven.
Stick the meter up against the door, while its running, and see what reading you get. Then move away from the microwave oven and see how far you have to be in order to get a relatively low reading that does not cause damage to the body.

Try this with your heating radiator in your home, electrical or "smart" devices in and around your house, like a laptop, keyboard, mouse, wireless phone, TV, computer monitor, smart meter, Wifi router, bedside table lamp, etc.

As mentioned earlier, earth's natural radiation level is over a million times less of what we are exposed to today. The kicker is that the so-called "authorities" are fully aware of this, but are keeping this information hidden from us, while executing their "new world order".

For those who have taken the jabs and have fallen for the propoganda to the point where they would call the police on their neighbours, for receiving guests during the so-called pandemic, have all been deceived to such a degree that they cannot perceive or grasp the scale of what is going on.

In the end it more or less comes down to the worshipping of idols. People believe and admire these the so-called "government" officials, as well as hollywood so much, that they believe in, and comply to whatever is perpetuated on mainstream media, mostly the TV set.
With their ignorant compliance they allow these so-called officials to run things in any which way they want. Like parents dealing with toddlers, and that is exactly how the zionists want people to be. "Sit down and be quiet while mommy and daddy deal with all these very important things of which you know nothing anyway".

As far as knowledge is concerned as to how the world really works, how our bodies really function, what disease really is, how to heal ourselves, and what the earth really is that we are living on, the majority of the public are at the equivalent level of small children, regardless of whether they are executive directors or CEOs of large corporations. If fact, the higher up they are in the zionist corporate ladder and the more degrees they have, the more brainswashed they are, and the more arrogant and confident in their material achievements and further indoctrination, mistaken for education.
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