How to use QUANTUM-GRAMMAR to remove ANY Debt

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About the Author:

Hi, my name is Brad Tipton. To date I have worked with 713 men and women to help them discover how to how to set up their lives quickly and inexpensively in the Private.

I’m a former negotiator for Wells Fargo, I’m a former licensed mortgage broker and I’m the former owner of a stock purchasing and selling company. Currently by wife and I run a successful national consulting firm and two thriving local businesses. So, I KNOW what I am talking about insofar as handling business, debt removal, Promissory Notes, Private Administrative Processes, legal documentation, stocks, CUSIPS, banking and LIVING IN THE PRIVATE.

While there are many things to learn about living in the Private, I have found that the ability to remove debt using QUANTUM GRAMMAR is one of the foundational things you MUST KNOW.

In over four years and working with 712 clients to date, I have found that using the process described in this book has NEVER failed.

In this book, How To Use QUANTUM GRAMMAR To Remove ANY Debt, I am sharing the secret insider debt removal process that I have used to help over 700 clients.

Please enjoy this information and please feel free to contact me with feedback or with questions.

All the Best to you on your journey to live free and empowered in the Private!

Brad Tipton
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