How many lies?

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1 - We are living on a spinning ball - all water is level or flat, therefore earth is flat.

2 - Big bang - There was an explosion from nothing and everything was created from nothing. Not even going to elaborate on that one.

3 - Evolution - The diverse animal kingdom all evolved from something that crawled out of the see - Darwin was a known fake artists and it was proven before he died. Mainstream media, all zionist owned, made us all believe in evolution and forget that we are unique beings of intelligent design.

4 - Gravity holds all the water, ships and buildings stuck to a spinning ball, while birds can hover in the air - Maybe something much heavier fell on Newton's head. Objects merely move through matter until they reach the same level of density.

5 - Nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan - Japan was firebombed, just like Germany, to provoke Hitler into finally entering into war. Eistien was a fake artists and everything unique he "invented" was stolen from others, but again, with mainstream media propaganda they made him into a legendary genius.

6 - The holocaust - The zionist bankers used propaganda, like they are doing now with "covid" and "global warming", to make the world believe that Germans were evil and that Hitler was a dictator. It was quite the opposite. They killed any and all witnesses, even jews, Russians and Polish POWs after the war, who could have told the truth.

7 - 6,000,000 jewish victims - The 6 million number had been used since 1915, to proclaiming a similar scenario time and again.

8 - Global warming through human intervention - The sea has not risen an inch on the last 50 years. We were told coastal cities would be under water by now. The idea that cows cause global warming is absurd. Before "pandemics" were used as an excuse to cull millions of animals in Africa alone, there used to be may more animals than cows. As with many other things, there is no logic in that.

9 - Pollution by humans - Pollution is caused by the zionists for profits. They could not care less about nature and our earth. Watch "Monopoly, who owns the world. The Rothschild alone are estimated to have over $500 trillion. And apparently they are not the most powerful family.

10 - The sun is 93,000,000 miles away. The sun and moon is local to earth. It is very apparent when we see the sunrays thought the clouds spreading out from the source, as apposed to being parallel.

11 - Space travel - There is a firmament over the earth. There is no space travel, only bad NASA visualisations and hoards of tax payer money being funnelled for other black budget uses.

12 - Dinosaurs - There were never any dinosaurs . What is in museums are all fake. Just more evolution gaslight ing. Maybe also to make us believe in "fossil" fuels.

13 - Carbon testing - Carbon testing is complete fakery. If it did work, which it does not, it can only go back 50,000 years and no more.

14 - Germ theory (viruses) - There are natural live viruses - Influenza = electricity and microwaves. "Vaccines" have been a ploy to inject people with toxins from the very beginning. Louis Pasteur was a fake artists, but the zionists ran with it, using mainstream media that they outright own to brainwash us over decades to believe the current lie. Read "The Invisible Rainbow" (

14 - Symptoms = pandemics - Symptoms are the result of the body detoxing. The detox mode can be resonated from one to another. Like woman living together and synching when they have their cycles.
When a pack of animals drink from a waterhole that is toxic in some way, one of some animals will start detoxing, resonate the detox mode onto the other affected animals. They will all get the same symptoms, detox, and it will be over. Read "The Invisible Rainbow" (

15 - Planes use lots of fuel - Planes use hardly any fuel and don't carry tons of fuel in the wings, if any. 63,500 gallons for a 747 is impossible to even fit in. Another global warming scam and to also charge us a fortune for flight tickets and deter people from using air travel.

16 - Fluoride is good for bones and teeth - They have known how very toxic fluoride (a carcinogenic that eats through concrete) is for us and the animal life, for at least a century. Been added to drinking water in the US since 1945. Even if we drink perfectly clean water, we still bath and shower in it, and the skin absorbs it like a sponge.

17 - Cell-Phones don't cause cancer - Any and all artificial microwaves cause us harm. A phone demits around 15 mW/m-2 of radiation or higher while you are talking on it. Read "The Invisible Rainbow" (

18 - Moon landing - The moon, like the sun, and similar in size, emits its own light, in relation to its position to the sun. It is not a physical entity can be landed on, to begin with. Apparently a plasma of sorts.

19 - There are food shortages - Farmers are being paid 1.5 times their crop value to let it rot and plough it in.

20 - Perpetual energy is not possible - Engineers are taught that perpetual energy is not possible, yet it exists. Gravity, that does not exist, is thrown into a mathematical equation to create the illusion.

21 - Nuclear power is dangerous - Scientist, Galen Winsor, proved that it is a lie. He demonstrated this by eating some of it at his talks. He had been doing it for 20 years, until "government officials" confiscated his materials. Nuclear power is safe and we can use it for free energy at our homes, but that would mean the zionists cannot charge and tax us on it and it would make us independent of them.
They used huge amounts of dynamite (120 to 180 tons) to create the mushrooms. Whether these bombs exist even now is questionable. This includes Chernobyl. A hoax to instill fear.

22 - Satellite orbit the earth - There is no such thing. They send some up with balloons and that is about the extent of it.

23 - Alcohol ban - The first Ford car was built to run on alcohol and vegetable oil. The alcohol ban was nothing more than the zionist rockefellers making sure they established their oil company and petroleum fuel, before alcohol was again allowed, 13 years later.

24 - Pandemics are real - Pandemics are a result of radiation through electrification, along with microwave radiation cause by telegraph wires, radar etc. Now we also have WIFI, cellphones, cellphone towers, smart meters and much more. Read "The Invisible Rainbow" (

25 - Police, government officials like judges have more power than us - We created government, therefore we are on top. They are all our servants who are in place to protect and serve us.

26 - Taxes are mandatory - Any and all taxes are an agreement. Through the "strawman identity" we are given at registration of birth, they bind us through a tacit agreement and much brainwashing to have us believe that death and taxes are the only 2 things set in stone.

27 - Taxes are used to pay for roads, maintenance, health care, water and general uphold of a countries' infrastructure. Our tax money is paid directly to the zionist bankers. Money for roads, maintenance, health care etc., is merely "printed" by banks. This then increases inflation which increases financial strain on humanity and the endless orchestrated debt.

28 - Mortgages are money that banks lend us - Mortgages are created from thin air the moment we sign the contract between the banks and the strawman identity. Therefore we are the creditors who create the money and have just paid off the mortgage there and then. Hence why mortgage is fraud and you can claim it back, with interest.

29 - The history we have been taught is real - Our history is only about 200 to 300 years old. The real history prior to this has been largely erased and replaced with one to suit the current zionist narrative. There is an old world, that some of us refer to, that includes Tartaria, free energy and much lost technology being withheld from us. Only some of it is re-introduced to keep us enslaved within the rat race.

30 - This is the 21st century - According to those who done some research into this, we are closer to the year 1200 to 1500. The original year did not fall in with the zionist timeline, so it was changed some time in the past, to suit their narrative.

31 - We are disconnected from one another - We are all connected, not only to each other as humans, but also to earth, water and all animal and plant life. Watch "Consciousness is King" and "The Living Matrix".

32 - Cholesterol is bad for us - Would you say ambulances cause accidents, because wherever there is an accident, there is an ambulance? Cholesterol is part of us and the reason it builds up in our veins, is because we eat foodstuffs made from grains. Fibres from grains cause irritation in our veins and cholesterol covers the fibres causing the irritation to reduce inflammation.

33 - Giants are a myth - Giants are very real. Just another bit of erased history. There are many photos and even videos of giant humans. The smithsonian institute (yet another zionist offspring) took care of that. They have been responsible for erasing and destroying giant skeletons/books and various other artefacts proving the existence of giants. Some not that long ago. Even now there could be giants hiding in isolated places on earth.

34 - Aether does not exist - Aether was harvested by means of the domes we see on old world buildings. There are usually spikes of various types, shapes and sizes located on top of these domes, that added to the function in the harvesting of energy.

35 - Ink is not poisonous - Even receipts we are given in shops are poisonous. Try to avoid contact where possible. The skin absorbs chemicals very well.

36 - Crude oil is fossilised matter from a previous geologic time - Crude oil is apparently something that is created all the time, kinds like blood of our earth. There is almost as much of it as there is water on earth. Another zionist lie to enslave us.

37. Was Chernobyl real? Highly unlikely. The documentary made looks more like something the from the moon landing than a real event. Also with people wearing paper masks. Another dramatized event to instate fear into the public.

38. Was the Salisbury poisoned with a nerve agent called Novichok? Also highly unlikely. Just another distraction and/or association, probably carried out by some zionist offspring like MI6/MI6, using who knows what. They were apparently drugged with something called BZ. Tested by a swiss laboratory.

39. Was the Titanic sunk and why? - The Titanic was not sunk as we have been led to believe. The sister ship to the Titanic, the Olympic had been damaged beyond repair. The Olympic was patched up and the ships were switched and the Olympic was insured for more than it was worth, with Lloyds. There were also people onboard who were against the establishment of the Federal reserve bank (John Jacob Astor IV, Isidor Straus, Benjamin Guggenheim). JP Morgan, just before the ship sailed, had some items offloaded. Milton Hershey also did not board.
The Britannica was then of course sunk with an explosion, not hitting the iceberg, and the 4 people onboard apposing the Federal Reserve drowned or perhaps died of heart attacks beforehand :). Who knows.
The insurance was then claimed and paid out.

40. Are the Jews God's chosen people? It does not state that Jews are the Israelites, anywhere in the bible.
The Israelites could be the Aryan race. Hence why the talmudic jews (satanic cult) want to destroy the Aryan race and all God's creations. Other races were apparently already here when God created his people, in his own image.

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