The one phrase to base it all upon

Symptoms is the body detoxing from toxins

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Why is it, that people's health is deteriorating at such a rate in the last 75 years?
rockefeller medicine
Barbara O'Neil - The liver
Barbara O'Neil - Cancer and castor oil
Barbara O'Neil - Salt & water
The History of Medicine - Dr Peter Glidden
Your Body's Many Cries For Water Documentary
Healing autoimmune disease in 30 days - An incredible documentary to watch. A couple of real doctors, who care, speak.
The earthing movie - The Remarkable Science Of Grounding
Health, food and pharmaceutical medicine explained in a bit of different, sarcastic way
An excellent video with Dr Ariyana Love and Dr Robert Young
A Patented Genocide Delivered by a Chimeric Nano Lipid Capsid of Graphene & GMO Parasites
The Science of fasting
Barbara O'Neill - Ahritis and pH level in the body
Barbara O'Neill - The Respiratory Organs
Barbara O'Neill - Natural remedies
Why your patassium sodium ratio is important - Enough salt and magnesium etc. - Brilliant video
Barbara O'Neill - The cholesterol lie explained
The Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) story - MMS (Miracle Mineral solution)
One of the most extraordinary and cheapest cures available
Curing with Caynne - An extraordinary book to read. Health by chilli organic powder.
Standup comedian explains how the body functions and deals with toxins - It is hypethical, but brilliant. All explained in 14 minutes.
Acidity vs alkalinity
Dis-ease vs Health.
-One more thing everyone should know.

You are not fat. You are acidic!

And you are probably starved of nutrition
A relaxed chat about health with Clive de Carle on UKColumn
Barbara O'Neil banned in Australia for teaching people how to heal themselves without the zionis jew paharmaceuticals - Just to give people an idea what the medical system really is
Barbara O'Neil (Australia): How to Heal 'Depression'!
Barbara O'Neil - Natural remedies
The Obesity Conspiracy
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