Global warming hoax

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For those who are still falling for the carbon thing, and the global warming due to human intervention.

Before continuing, watch 'Monopoly, who owns the world'.
First of all, for those who think thee is such a thing as global warming, do you know how much carbon there is in the air?
That would be a no, because your radio and TV did not tell you, because that would not be beneficial to their agenda.

There is 0.04% carbon dioxide in the air. Even if it was quadrupled, there would still only be 0.16% CO2 in the air. Should it be quadrupled again, it would be 0.64%. Still not even 1 percent.

CO2 is the life force on earth. All plant life rely on CO2. It is the food for plants.

Zero Carbon = Zero life

Carbon dioxide is the food on which plant life depend. Hence why people buy CO2 for their vegetables/plants to grow more efficiently, for those who grow food inside closed facilities, like green houses and polytunnels.

Unfortunately, the level of knowledge of the average person is way below zero. The general public are equivalent to children, when it comes to knowledge of our true history, what is actually happening on earth right now, and what is ahead, due to their compliance and unconditional acceptance of whatever they hear from the television set.
The brainwashing runs deep, and every time people turn on their radio, TV, or watch their social media, the brainwashing continues.
We are bombarded with it non stop, 24/7. It is all by design. They have spent hundreds of billions on it. Their plans all rely on the ignorance and laziness of the majority of the public, and most importantly, their compliance.

It is an interesting phenomonen, that only some people have the ability to get out of the bubble they live in, made up of comforts and conveniences, like the couch in the front of the TV, the supermarket and the petrol station and of course the constant and never ending entertainment.
As long as there is running water, food in the supermaket and a light switch that works, most people are quite content, regardless of what is happening in the rest of earth, or even their own country or town. As long as they are not personally affected.

As long as the conveniences remain and they can stuff their faces with what they perceive as food, toxic pharmaceutical drugs they perceive as medicine, and their minds with what they perceive as entertainment and news, they continue to comply with what they perceive as a government.

Should anyone know how one can wake up such individuals, many of us would like to know.
Now is such a time that people need to wake up. Not just wake up, but actually do something constructive and actually get off their knees and stand up.
To move on...
From the so-called mini ice age, to global warming, to climate change, as they now call it, there are certain principals that poeple need to be able to grasp.
Now, for some this might be too much for the fragile little minds, which is where the men and women are separated from the snow flakes, who today, regard themselves as the corner stone of society.

There is always, and has always been climate change. The variation to small to affect us be noticable. Like with many other aspects of nature, cimate change is a beautiful and necessary part of nature, as God, our creator intended, when he created the earth we live on, as per Genesis in the Bible.

Some might remember that they told us in the seventies that there was going to be a mini ice age as the earth was cooling down. A couple of years later the earth started warming up, of course only by a fraction. They of course now had to switch course, so they started telling us the earth is rapidly heating up and it is our fault.
The earth once again started cooling down by a fraction, and they, again, switched over to "climate change". Now they have also thrown in CO2. The life force on earth, as being an evil thing. The masses are again buying it. Why, because the television says so, repetitively.

Their freemason puppets like David Attenborough, of course given a knighthood for his work in helping to convince the public of their narrative. Interesting, as phedophila is normally a requirement to being given a knighthood....

To be continued...

The Indoctrinators, Part 4: David Attenborough
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