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In order to truly grasp what germ theory really is, it is strongly recommended you read "The Invisible Rainbow", by Arthur Firstenberg. Can download a PDF from
At least look up the author online.

There is also a book written called "The Contagion Myth", by Doctors Tom Cowan and Sally Morell.

The most important part of germ theory is to understand a very simple but powerful phrase.


By now you might have watched a video called rockefeller medicine. There are quite a few of those on the youtube alternatives, like and

You will have seen that the zionists don't like wasting their by-products when they can feed it to us, like crude oil and fluoride. Pharmaceuticals are made from petroleum by-products.

The last thing we should do when we our body needs to detox, is to suppress the symptoms, like a fever and inflammation, with toxic and carcinigenic pharmaceuticals.
Phamatika means witchcraft.
"Virus" means toxin.
These words have been taken and twisted, as with every other aspect of our lives.
We have been deceived and brainwashed over decades and generations to believe that symptoms is caused by a little flying bug, and that we need to be given injections into our very bloodstream with foreign elements of all kinds, to prevent these very illusive flying bugs from infecting us.

So how do we pass a "flu" or "cold" or any other so-called flying bug from one to another person or people, to then contract the exact or similar symptoms?

Well, how do women sync? Yes, women synchronise their menstrual cycles when they live in close proximity of one another, like when living in the same household, for example.
The answer to that lies in resonance. Every sell in our body resonates, with everyone and everything, down to a pebble in a pond. We are electrical beings, so to speak, and far more unique than most will ever be able to comprehend.
Therefore we can also resonate a detox mode from one person to another, the same way a woman resonate with another. This detox generally takes about 2 weeks. By so doing, we detoxify and heal others.

Due to so much information being witheld from us in the so-called "education" systems today, taken over by the rockefellers decades ago along with the medical industry, there is probably a huge amount of information we still do not know, but this is progress.

So why, when we are supposedly at the pinnacle of technological development, are people, especially in the USA, getting sicker, fatter and have more allergies and autism than ever before?

Now, there is a whole history here that goes back thousands of years. What we know today as the 'zionist jews', the ones controlling the central banks, and every other aspect of our lives today, except for those who are truly living off-grid, or at least to the certain extent, like the Amish etc., have always been pushing their satanic agenda.
For the many atheists today, yet another zionist creation as atheists are so much easier to control and brainwash, this is probably difficult to grasp, but even though you don't believe in our God and creator, and of course satan, they do.
The inner circles of the commonly known religions today, the catholics, the protestants, islam and christians, worship satan. Each of these religions are managed, and the inner circle is always satanic.

I know we are going off track here, but there has been a war raging between good and evil, and all that is happening to us, and the reason the technology today that is supposed to make us healthier, is in fact methodically designed and tested, to make and keep us sick, and kill us.

On top of that, we are then brainwashed through their mainstream media (TV, movies, radio, computer games, books, "education" etc), to accept that cancer is practically incurable, and that doctors are our best and wisest friends in the world, and that they deserve to be paid a lot money to keep us all healthy.
Yet they kill about 400,000 people in the every year in the US, and that is "legal". The FDA and CDC, both private corporations, like the US government, UK government, UN, WHO etc etc., choose what is legal and what is not.
It is important to also learn the difference between legal and lawful.

All servants of the zionist are paid well. That is one of the tactics to keep them in line. General practitioners (GPs) don't want to loose out on the money, so they keep their eye flaps on, and just plonder onwards, reading the overwhelming amount of medical peer-review papers being pushed down from the zionists at the top. "Doctors" quite happily obide by these instructions, mostly without scrutiny or question of any kind.
Surgery is a whole other ball game and has merit.

So what is the main reason behind pandemics?
The answer lies in the book mentioned above. The Invisible Rainbow.
It is microwave radiation, and it has been used for that very purpose for a long time.

So how does microeave radiation make us sick?
Since the introduction of telegram wires in the US, people started developing symptoms, that we know today as cold and flu symptoms. Also things like an increase in cancer, diabetes and many more ailments.
When many people are affected by the microwave radiation, also caused by radar, cellphone towers, WIFI of any kind, bluetooth devices, alternating current (AC) and all electrical devices that are in close proximity of our bodies, animal and plant life, overhead power cables (leading to an increase in cancer etc. in those living close by), they propogate a pandemic using their mainstream media, and people fall for it and stand in line to be injected with toxins like parasites, nano size graphene particles (affectively razor blades), nano size heavy metals.
These then lead to detox symptoms labeled as "Polio", "HIV", "Ebola", "Monkey Pox" etc, for which there will then be another "vaccine" implemented to "cure" you from that "virus".
And that's how the cookie crumbles, as they say.

Then there are the so-called "vaccines". I call those jabs, because vaccine, in our understanding, implies that it is beneficial.
Other than that, the flouride being dumped into our drinking water along with who knows what, the chemtrails being sprayed on us in the sky, as if we are bugs, portrayed as condensation trails that don't evaporate and turn into artificial clouds, or just drop down, still fooling a surprising amount of people, even when they are shown and told what they are. Out of interest, they have been putting heavy metals into jet fuel before chemtrails were introduced, and probably still are. Only in NATO countries are they allowed to spray us. Go to Thailand and you won't see a single chemtrail.
The chemtrails today contain heavy metals the form of nano particels. Hence why they can form clouds.
A nano praticle is a millionth of a millimeter.

Then there is what is perceived as food, in the supermarkets. Hardly anything, and on some occasions, nothing we buy in that supermaket is without toxins of some kind, or contain toxins, is heavily processed, or are genetically modified etc. Like titanium oxide that is used as a colourant. Why would you need a heavy metal to add a white colour to a vitamin tablet, and/or food?

The world around us today is designed to weaken us, dumb us down and as some us of now know, and to eradicate many, or most of us. They certainly intend to eradicate all of God's creations. That has always been the ultimate aim.

Here is the Telegram link to Germ Theory.

In order to truly grasp what germ theory really is, in other words, what actually causes symptoms, it is strongly recommended you read "The Invisible Rainbow", by Arthur Firstenberg. Can download a PDF from
At least look up the author online.

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