Cancer, the Forbidden Cures


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Watch Cancer, the forbidden cures
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-Also watch "Monopoly, who owns the world".
& "Rockefeller medicine".
Recommend you watch the 3 documentaries above before proceeding, to give you the foundational background information for it all to make sense.
How Rob Prior cured his cancer
Barbara O'Neill - Castor oil and cancer
Barbara O'Neill - The Liver
Parasites and the body - What we need to understand is the correlation between parasites and disease. Why are anti-parasitics are mostly banned and/or ridiculed on mainstream media and the medical system?
This is the same mainstream media and medical industry, owned entirely by the "zionist jew central bankers"
Rick Simpson - THC is the cancer killer
Pharmaceutical medicine is poison
WATCH as compound in Cannabis oil (THC) kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone
From mustard Gas to Chemotherapy
Barbara O'Neill - To conquer cancer
Zero Amish Children Diagnosed with Cancer, Diabetes or Autism
Sunscreen causes cancer, not the sun
Johnson and Johnson adds cancer causing chemicals to sun screens and other pharmaceuticals

Does the Sun Cause Skin Cancer?

No, The Sun Doesn’t Cause Skin Cancer! - How To Prevent Cancer With Sunshine

The Sun Doesn't Cause Skin Cancer But Sunscreen Does

Benzene In Sunscreen List : Sarah Wilson How To Choose A Toxin Free Sunscreen Sarah Wils

New Study Says Sun Tan Lotion Could Actually Be Giving You Skin Cancer, Like Everything

Sunscreen Recall Chart - jane iredale

The Harmful Ingredients Found in Sunscreen

Breast Cancer and Exposure to Chemicals in Sunscreen

Benzene in Sunscreen Products - Cause of Skin Cancer

Study shows that sunscreen can actually cause skin cancer

EWG's Guide to Safer Sunscreens
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