Note that this website shows the message of not being secure. This is purely a Alphabet (Google's parent company) money making scam, hence why I will not pay it.
A so-called "security certificate" (SSL) literally means they portray the website as being secure, after payment. There is no change, no encrytion or security of any kind.
For those who know they will never do research into any subject that fall outside of their current belief system and of "science", the "education" system and those who do not wish to venture outside of the safety bubble in which they live, ie: what the TV says; to go directly to subjects that fall into a more neutral category, regarding health, follow the link below.
Health related pages
For those who know that life on earth is not what is being propogated on TV and the rest of mainstream media, are open to new information, have done the research and/or know what is happening in the real world, ie: are awake, follow the link below.
Truth seekers
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